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Welcome to the Main Node for this IRC server
SSL/Secure Connection is Available

         Multi server: irc.mccarragher.org

Not Secure : 6667
              Secure : 194            

Irc Chat -----> irc://irc.mccarragher.org:6668/general



 #GENERAL       Any Topics

 #Opers         Operator Channel Only


            Other channels (temp/perm) Exist and are   

            Created by User(s)


 mIRC       Access With mIRC

 BBS        Telnet BBS



             DIRECT CONNECT + + server
     Secure and unsecure connection are allow
  ADCS://mccarragher.org:2780 SECURE
  ADC://mccarragher.org:2781 UNSECURE
  ADC://mccarragher.org:411 UNSECURE
  ADCS://mccarragher.org:412 SECURE

                        Open on Day Time