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Welcome to the Main Node for this IRC server
This node Name is : ANGEL SWORD
SSL/Secure Connection is Available
Member of ALONE! Network

         Multi server: irc.mccarragher.org

Not Secure : 6667-6674
              Secure : 194-197,994,996-998

IRC is an unmoderated medium. We do not log or scrutinise the traffic which
passes through this server. We take no responsibility and explicitly disclaim
any legal liability for the content of any message which passes through this
server, including but not limited to any links, pictures or executable code.
Our server operators have no personal involvement with activities carried out
under the "Anonymous" banner.
See Rules /rules

Web-Chat -----> http://mccarragher.org/irc
Irc Chat -----> irc://irc.mccarragher.org:6668/general



 #GENERAL       Any Topics/Subject not allready Exist

 #Opers         Its a operator Channel Only


            Other channels (temp/perm) Exist and are   

            Created by User(s)


 IRC Web    Access the IRC with Browser

 mIRC       Access With mIRC

 BBS        Telnet BBS

 Net2FTP    Web-FTP interface

ON IRC ,Have Fun With Your Friends!